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Welcome to Strawberry Vale OSC!


Our Philosophy & Mission

Strawberry Vale Out of School Care Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing before and after school care to children in grades K-5 of all ages and backgrounds.  It was established in 1999 and its members are comprised of parents and/or guardians of the children enrolled in the program.

We believe in providing a service for the parents/guardians and children in our program by creating a safe environment in which the children's individual growth may be encouraged.  We feel it is important, as a team with parents/guardians and teachers, to guide and nurture the children through their elementary years.  This environment should be challenging, caring, and one that allows time and space for individual needs.  We believe in enabling children with a sense of personal responsibility, independence, and self-esteem in this environment.  There are three basic rules we ask the children to adhere to:


1. Take good care of themselves; play safely and follow program rules.

2. Take care of others; help and never hurt.

3. Take care of the world around them; look after equipment, school and the environment.


Our goal is to achieve a stimulating and caring atmosphere through games, crafts, and outdoor activities that promote the expansion of the child's learning experience and encourages the development of a positive self-image and self-confidence.  

We welcome your involvement, suggestions and support.

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